Donny Khalaf

Microsoft finally gets it right with the Surface 3..

In Computer, Software, Tablet, Technology on April 1, 2015 at 7:34 am

As a Technology Support Specialist, I get ton of request from many faculty regarding Surface RT and Surface Pro. I advice faculty to get the Surface Pro because it works like a computer since it can run any compatible programs. Surface RT works like a Tablet which only runs apps. Surface RT costs approx. 60% cheaper than Surface Pro which lure many people to get Surface RT due to cost. The people didn’t realize that it only runs on apps not software.

Great news! Coming soon in May 2015, Surface 3 will have the same feature as the Surface Pro version but less powerful which will allow to works like a computer and runs both programs and apps. The cost will be somewhat affordable at $499 instead of $350 average.

Hey, it is still cheaper than the Surface Pro version. For more information regarding the Surface 3, here is the link: Microsoft finally gets it right with the Surface 3

Enjoy the first day of April!

Donny 😉


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