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Free iBooks This Week…

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Great book to ready for summer break.

The following iBooks (for iOS device like iPhone/iTouch/iPad) are free and can be downloaded inside the iBooks app. New books are listed in italics.


•5 Little Monkeys Jumpin’ on the Bed (normally $5.99)
•Old MacDonald Had a Farm (normally $5.99)
•The Wheels on the Bus (normally $5.99)
•80 books from ReadingTeacher are now free.
•The Adventures of Dough Girl (includes audio dialog and sound effects)
•The Adventures of Marvin, Book 1, Part 1
•Ancient Egypt (for elementary students)
•A Baby Elephant’s Adventure (includes an auto-read feature)
•Bibby and the Sea Dragon
•Breadwinners: The Official Multi-Touch Book
•The Cat That Didn’t Know How to Purr
•Charlie and the Messy Room
•Creepy Christmas
•Discovering Animals (includes videos)
•Dora’s Big Buddy Race Read-Along Storybook (Dora and Friends)
•The Dragon’s Christmas Gift
•Duh! Brazil (great kid’s book about Brazil; normally $3.99)
•The Elephant and the Castle (Read Aloud)
•The Emperor’s New Clothes – Read Aloud Edition
•ESL Rhymes
•Everything Is Made of Stars
•The Fox on the Box
•Grandpa Benny Flies to the Moon (a book about the Apollo 11 mission)
•The Great Cupcake Clash
•Happy Halloween (ESL book)
•I Didn’t Kill Your Cat
•I Didn’t Steal Your Mermaid
•Ivan the Not-So Terrible
•Kids Meet Japan (Enhanced Version)
•Kids vs. Rain: Where Does Rain Come From? There are other Kids vs books that are also free.
•Learn to Read with Lil Rep #1
•Learn to Read with Lil Rep #2
•Learn to Read with Lil Rep #3
•Lee y Descubre: Tiburones
•Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily’s Room
•The Little Mermaid
•The Little Seed
•Long Shot (good chapter book)
•The Lost Princess in Winter’s Grip
•Meet Alana! Read-Along Storybook (Dora and Friends)
•Meet Emma! Read-Along Storybook (Dora and Friends)
•Meet Kate! Read-Along Storybook (Dora and Friends)
•Meet Naiya! Read-Along Storybook (Dora and Friends)
•Meet Pablo! Read-Along Storybook (Dora and Friends)
•Mummy’s Lump (to help children with mothers who have breast cancer)
•My A-Z of Jobs
•My A-Z of the Body
•My A-Z of the Seaside
•My Book of Colors (normally $1.99)
•My World: At My Pond
•Old MacDonald Had a Farm (includes interactive sounds and a video)
•Our Poems for Kids
•The Pied Piper of Hamelin
•Princess Stories
•Ralph & the Lonely Birthday
•Red Heart Red Heart
•The Rocket Book – Interactive Read Aloud Edition
•The Sea Otter (includes narration and poetry)
•The Seed Story
•S.E. Hinton’s The Puppy Sister
•Short Stories for Kids – 1
•Short Stories for Kids – 2
•Short Stories for Kids – 3
•Short Stories for Kids – 4
•Short Stories for Kids – 5
•A Snowman for Christmas (about snow in Texas)
•Snow White – Read-Along Storybook (includes audio)
•Social Skills Volume 1 (great book written by three autistic children)
•Social Skills Volume 2
•The Speaking Piano
•There’s a Dragon in My Garage
•The Three Bears and Goldilocks – A Retelling of the Traditional Tale
•The Three Little Pigs – With a Twist
•The Three Sisters (based on a Native American myth explaining the planting of maize, beans, and squash)
•Toy Story: Woody’s Aqua Adventures
•Troubles with Bubbles
•Twas the Night Before Christmas (with full audio narration and music)
•A Walrus Tale
•Water for Beans (great chapter book; includes a video and an interactive glossary; normally $2.99)
•Weather (includes videos)
•Weather for Kids
•What Color Is Your World?
•What Grows on Trees?
•When I Dream of Christmas
•Worlds Collide: Tales from an Awesomesauce Party


•Avengers: Disassembled #1 (graphic novel)
•The Avengers Vol. 1 (graphic novel)
•Divergent – The Ultimate Quiz Book Game
•Ever After High: Apple White’s Story
•Ever After High: Ashlynn Ella’s Story
•Ever After High: Briar Beauty’s Story
•Ever After High: Hunter Huntsman’s Story
•Ever After High: Madeline Hatter’s Story
•Ever After High: Raven Queen’s Story
•Freaks of Greenfield High (normally $3.99)
•Magic of Thieves
•May We Suggest…? (great book from high school students)
•A Measure of Disorder (normally $2.99)
•The New Avengers #1 (graphic novel)
•A Quest of Heroes
•Saving Wishes
•The Summer I Gave Up Boys


•Falling for Her Fiancé (normally $3.99)
•26 Instructional Strategies on the iPad
•AbleNet’s Action Dictionary (This is a wonderful assistive technology dictionary.)
•Augmented Reality Used in Math Class (great book for math teachers in grades 4-12)
•Augmented Reality in the Science Class (great book for high school science teachers)
•The Beatles Yellow Submarine
•Bobby Flay’s Bold Flavors
•Daughter of Twin Oaks
•Dirty Little Secrets (mystery novel for adults)
•iOS Human Interface Guidelines (Apple’s guide to creating iBooks)
•iPad Art – Lessons, Apps, and Ideas for the iPad in Visual Art
•Maleficent: The Official Multi-Touch Book
•Rough Science Teacher Handbook (great lessons for science teachers; normally $2.99)
•Saving Mr. Banks: The Official Multi-Touch Book
•Starting Shakespeare Teacher Handbook (normally $2.99)
•Unleashed (murder mystery for adults only)
•Year in Focus: 2013 (great photo book of major events that occurred last year)


Donny 🙂


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