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Which Internet Browser is better???

In Poll, Technology, Website on May 15, 2014 at 8:29 am

I have teachers and colleagues asking me about the best browser for home and educational use for several years and thought about testing out several popular browsers. I decided to post and give my thought about my favorite browsers based on my experience and ease of use.

If you wonder what is the best Internet browser out there that are being use at home and at educational institution. There are so many to choose like Firefox, Chrome (made by Google), Internet Explorer (made by Microsoft), and Safari (made by Apple). With my experience over several years testing out the browser(s), I rated Google Chrome as the most reliable browser for home and educational use. Due to popular demand by educational website, most website support Goggle Chrome due to Google interface apps for Chrome, speed, and less freezing when accessing to educational site like games as an example. Best part, you can use Google Chrome on PC, Android, and iOS systems. This is based on my research as Technology Support Specialist for the school district. Here is the link if you have not install Google Chrome:

If you are using browser to access bank, investment, shopping, etc., I use Safari (made by Apple) due to better encryption, better control of popup ad, and preventive from virus. The rest of the browsers; Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer is easily infected with virus even the computer has antivirus software installed. You can have several browsers install on your computer if you like and use specifically for purpose. For instance, I use Google Chrome for everything except banking and then use Apple Safari for any banking and shopping to make payment. Here is the link if you have not install Apple Safari:


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