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Microsoft Office for iPad: 3 important things about Office for iPad..

In SmartPhone, Software, Tablet, Technology, Website on April 1, 2014 at 10:50 am

Finally, Microsoft Office for iPad is now available for iPad 2/iPad mini and higher on App Store. Microsoft has finally released Office for iPad which consist in three separate apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Good news, it is free and before you download, be sure to know what it can do and cannot do.

1. Free and Not Free

Even Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all free, it will only allow you to view any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint in view mode. It will not allow you to create or edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in your iPad if you don’t want to pay anything. If you want to edit or create a new document, you will need an Office 365 subscription to take advantage of full benefits like editing, creating, and other things. The cost to get the full benefit is around $99.99 a year.

2. What? No Print feature

At this time of Office for iPad release, Print feature is not available from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. However, Microsoft is aware of this flaw but will update it in future release.

3. Cloud Service

According to Microsoft, in order to use free Apps – you will need Microsoft OneDrive which is free. If you have Outlook email account, you already have OneDrive. If you don’t, you can sign up for free. OneDrive used to be SkyDrive but change it recently due to lawsuit and branding purpose. Also, if you have Dropbox (which is also free), you can open Microsoft Office for iPad from Dropbox.

Instruction: Go to Dropbox and find any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file. You will see a paper with north arrow icon next to star/delete icon. Click on the paper with north arrow icon, the box will open with AirDrop, Mail, and variety icons. Look for Open In… icon which is located on the third row and click Open In.. Icon, and you will see several apps you have installed and look for either Open in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to open it.

I hope this will find you well to understand the features of Office for iPad.


Donny 🙂


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