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Mirror iPad, iPhone, iPod to Your Screen for Free

In Smartboard, SmartPhone, Software, Tablet, Technology on March 1, 2014 at 9:03 am

Today, I’m at Starbucks waiting for my wife to finish her first Marathon. I’m enjoying my Caramel Flan Frappe while checking the blogs from the palm of my iPad. I am getting update via my iPhone on whereabouts the location of my wife’s location. Pretty nice stuff!

While I’m blogging, I decided to look for the most common question: “I am struggling to connect my iPAD to my SMARTboard”. I decided to check out the blog and discover a new software called “iTools” that you install the software on your teacher’s computer and connect the iPAD via USB cord that you use to charge with. The software will allow the ability to project your iPAD/iPAD Mini/iPhone/iTouch.

Here is the link below that explain more in detail about iTools.

Mirror iPad, iPhone, iPod to Your Screen for Free

Click iTools1115E below to download the software.

iTools1115E If for some reason your computer can’t download due to security reason, here is the link which software is from China:

and select “iTools for English”

I will be testing it on my own time and see how it is. Will post feedback when I get the chance. I appreciate if you test it out and post feedback on any issue, tip, pro/con, etc. of this software.

(04/05/2014: So far, the reflection like (Mirror) appears to work well.)

Thanks and let me get back to enjoy my Caramel Flan Frappe and supporting my wife as she get closer to her finish line.


Donny 🙂


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