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How-to: Use iOS’s Guided Access feature….

In Tablet, Technology on February 17, 2014 at 11:01 am

iOS devices are built with all users in mind: they come with several accessibility features for low-vision or legally blind users, settings for hard-of-hearing or deaf users, settings for individuals who have physical and motor difficulties, and settings for individuals with learning difficulties.

Guided Access is an accessibility feature that came out with iOS 6. Guided Access enables you to set up the iOS device so that you cannot leave apps, and you are able to control which features of the app you are allowed to use or not use. There are a lot of great benefits and applications for school:

Schools are starting to use the iPad more throughout the classroom. Teachers are able to ensure that their students are not doing anything else on the iPad, except for what is told to them. They are also able to restrict certain areas of the screen as being not useable. Whether they are reading a textbook, using an educational app, or taking a test on the iPad, Guided Access prevents the students from going online, playing non-educational games, or cheating on tests.

Here is a copy of the instruction on how to use the Guided Access feature.

How_to_Use iOSs Guided Access Feature


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