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iPad mini (1st generation) deal

In Technology on November 27, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Today only: If you purchase 16GB iPad Mini (1st generation), you will get $100 Bestbuy gift card. That’s a great deal if you are planning on buying other thing at Bestbuy.

Have a great Thanksgiving!
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YouTube Channels for Teachers

In Technology, Training for Staff, Website on November 21, 2013 at 3:34 pm
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I have been reading varieties of K-12 Technology magazine and received a great tools for teacher(s) to get the best information they need for their classroom. I noticed teacher will do well when learning how to use technology equipment through hand-on training. My best pick for teacher(s) to use is the YouTube EDU. It was launched in 2009, YouTube EDU centralizes content from over 100 universities and colleges, providing access to lectures, research, and campus tours. Think of it as an enormous global video classroom within the YouTube, divided into three categories: Primary & Secondary Education, University and Lifelong Learning. Since our school district is using FANS Videos Storage through VBrick, this is similar idea of YouTube EDU. We hope FANS will become like YouTube EDU to help teacher, staff, student, and parent.

Please check out the link: YouTube EDU and see how you will benefit for your classroom and to give you better idea how to upload more videos into our district FANS.


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Explore iOS and Android Apps Online Course for Free

In SmartPhone, Tablet, Technology, Training for Staff on November 12, 2013 at 11:31 am

Desire 2 Learn is offering a free, four-week online course called “Teachers + Mobile = Creative Classrooms.” The course was developed by educator and innovator Kathy Shrock and is designed for middle school teachers. The course runs from November 18 through December 15.

Participants in this course will explore various mobile apps (both iOS and Android) and gain familiarity on how to embed them meaningfully in various subject areas. Discussions will focus on sharing ideas, resources, and best practices for using mobile technologies in the classroom. For the culminating project, participants will develop a sample lesson utilizing the apps from the course or additional mobile apps they discovered and share the lesson with the class. In addition, this course is intended to be completed using ONLY a mobile table device, either iOS or Android.

This course is designed for middle school teachers but elementary teacher can try to get better idea to be familiar on how to use apps in various subject areas.


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Check out iPracticeMath and it is Free…

In Technology, Website on November 8, 2013 at 8:12 am

iPracticeMath is a web based educational tool that makes practicing math fun. Our aim is to provide better education to anyone and everyone. As of now our topic covers elementary school math and middle school math. iPracticeMath is to teach Kids Elementary school math in easy step-by-step manner and make it exciting for them. The best part is FREE….

Check the link below:


It is in beta and the progress of this service appears to be beneficial for student, teacher, and parent. The best part is that it comes with Reports to help student, teacher, and parent to know the student’s strength and weakness.

Give yourself a try and see if this is something that you can use for your class or pass it to parent to help their child to improve their math skill.


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TuneTrain is a music creation app.

In Tablet, Technology on November 5, 2013 at 3:33 pm

Through blog, I have read about TuneTrain and thought it is a wonderful free app that children can use to create their own music.  By manipulating different objects on the screen kids can find harmony, pitch and rhythm.  Complete with a teacher’s guide, this free app is perfect for musical stations in an elementary classroom.

TuneTrain is a music creation app, where kids can quickly create and edit melodies through a fun line-drawing mechanic.

To find out more about a free app called TuneTrain, click on the link below:



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