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Wondering if you are planning to update your iPhone to iOS 7…

In SmartPhone, Tablet, Technology on September 20, 2013 at 10:23 am
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I have numerous of staff asking me about the iOS 7 update. I have upgraded my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to iOS 7 at home. So far, it is really different and very modern than the previous iOS. It been two days and I am still learning on new stuff and trick on iOS 7. I also upgrade my son’s iPhone 4S as well. Here is my recommendation on which to upgrade below:

iPhone 4S to 5

iPad 3 to 4

iPad Mini

I have receive several blogs regarding iPhone 4 and iPad 2. They stated it is slow so I am not able to verify it. I have an iPad 2 but haven’t upgrade yet. I will attempt to upgrade to iOS 7 on my iPAD 2 when time is right. If you want to get a feedback regarding the iOS 7, here is the link: What’s right (and wrong) with iOS 7. Another interesting finding is that new iWork (Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes which cost $9.99 each) that was rumor to be included with iOS 7. It is true only if you purchase a new iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S. It did not include when you upgrade your older devices. If you feel like you are ready to upgrade to iOS 7 now, I strongly suggest you to upgrade after 7pm knowing that you will not need to use the phone. It takes about 3 to 7 hours to upgrade. However, if you wait after 2 to 4 weeks, it will be lot quicker to upgrade.


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