Donny Khalaf

Press “Windows Flag key + Tab key” created a nice Switching feature…

In Computer, Technology on August 21, 2013 at 7:33 pm

I have been using the Windows Flip 3D for over several years and fail to mention on my blog how convenience it is to use this feature. It helps me to toggle between variety of applications by viewing which application you want back easily. Go ahead and try it for yourself. You will be surprise how useful it is. Here is a simple step to follow below:

1. Open several programs like Words, IE Browser, Excel, etc…

2. Press Windows Flag Key first then Tab Key to activate the Switching View of all of your programs in Aero (3D view) of all your existing programs being open.

When you see the “open” program you want to use then let go the Windows Flag Key/Tab Key which will bring up to your screen.

Give yourself a try and hope you take advantage of it.

Two more free days to enjoy before the school begin!

Donny 🙂

Windows Flip 3D feature being used in Windows 7.


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