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Free educational Apps for iPad/iPhone….

In SmartPhone, Tablet, Technology, Website on May 17, 2013 at 10:10 am

I know most educators do not want to pay for education apps and I agreed. Here some free apps I think might be beneficial for educator, parent, and student. I noticed it stated it was good for today only but sometime, it extend to the entire month as free apps.

Here is the link I found to get free educational apps to use on iPad:

Extraordinary Jenny Jones – Normally $3.99 Great Interactive book

123TokenMe – Normally $10.99 Great reward board for teachers and parents

Jazzy World Tour – Musical Journey for Kids – Normally $4.99 Musical Journey

Puppet Workshop – Creativity App for Kids – Normally $2.99 Creativity App for Kids

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle – Normally $2.99 Interactive book

Another Monster at the End of This Book.. Starring Grover & Elmo! – May come with an advertising.

Directors Chair – Explore your child’s imagination. Recommended age 7-14 years old

Pocket Dictionary 25in1 – Collection of America’s leading and most-trusted explicative dictionaries for learning and word discovery!


Donny 🙂


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