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Storytelling with Maps: Great Story for teacher to use.

In Technology, Website on January 22, 2013 at 9:09 am

I found an article and I need to pass share with you.

Remember when you were in kindergarten and couldn’t wait for story time? That hasn’t changed for us, or our students! We all still love a great story, whether it be about a person, place, or happening. So why not tell stories with maps? The GIS firm Esri has created a website resource called Storytelling with Maps. You can spend five minutes or five hours perusing these “story maps.” They are really addicting! These maps are timely and timeless and more are created every week. Use these in your classroom and you may just make an impression on your students that lasts a lifetime.


Donny 🙂


Tons of recommended iPad apps put together by TCEA

In Tablet, Technology on January 16, 2013 at 7:47 am

Some of my faculty was asking me about a recommended apps for iPad that is related to the subjects for the classroom. I have research and found the best site that has tons of free educational apps for your iPad.

Here is the URL link to the TCEA site:

If you find what you looking for from the site, I encourage you to post feedback.


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Looking back on what Technologies we used in 2012…

In Technology on January 8, 2013 at 10:01 am

As we prepare to start the new year into 2013, we look back on what technologies we use and to determine what we can do to improve. Normally, we know by seeing the students have accomplished. We need to continue to use what benefit the students and find way to use other type of new technologies to improve better learning. Over the holiday break, I have read an interesting article and thought I want to share among with my peers:

How was the learning journey for me in 2012?

What new techniques, skills, or thought processes did I try?

What did I fail at and what did I learn from my failure?

What was I successful at? Why?

What do I need to do more of this new year in order to continue learning?

Those questions will help you to determine what works and don’t and how to improve yourself. Get feedback among your peers and share what you have learned and accomplish.

May the best of your knowledge shine in 2013!


Donny 🙂