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How to make your Notebook file to show in full view page in SMARTboard?

In Smartboard, Technology on September 27, 2012 at 8:22 am

Several teacher is having hard time trying to show SMART Notebook file in full view page. Here is the instruction provided by a teacher to help other teacher how to make it a full screen view. Hope this will help you to be familiar with SMART Notebook 11.

How to make your Smart Board actually full screen in Notebook 11

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What is the best way for student to search information using Google?

In Technology, Website on September 26, 2012 at 1:54 pm

I received questions from teacher who wonder if Google is a safe place to find information for school assignment. To answer their questions: It is Yes and No. When the student uses any search engine like Google, it will look for anything pertaining to what you type in the search box. For example: if a student is looking for “Female spider”, it may include image of image of female that is related to the word spider. It is really important to teach the student on what the proper way to search information without being a victim. Here is the link to Google Search Education which will help teacher and parent to utilize information from the site to help student to understand the best method to search for information on the Web.

Google Search Education


Google in Education


Google Inside Search


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National Geographic Education Resource

In Technology, Website on September 19, 2012 at 7:58 am

Since its founding in 1888 “for the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge,” the National Geographic Society has worked to educate audiences about our planet. National Geographic Education is responsible for creating educational programs and resources for schools, out-of-school settings, and the home. National Geographic Education’s work targets two goals:

  • Geo-Literacy: Geo-literacy is an essential skill for decision-making in 21st century personal, professional, and civic life. It is the ability to make decisions based on an understanding of how the world works and how people and places are connected. It requires an understanding of how Earth’s interconnected human and environmental systems function, how to reason geographically, and how to make systematic decisions.


  • Educational Outreach: The National Geographic Society is home to rich and diverse resources that have enormous potential to support learning. As the educational outreach arm of National Geographic, National Geographic Education is committed to maximizing the impact of the Society’s rich media, scientific, and exploration programs on the education audience.

Check the URL Link to begin using the site:

I hope you will enjoy this site and what cool about it, it is free.


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Constitution Day: Alabama Literacy Test

In Technology, Website on September 17, 2012 at 3:56 pm

Interesting article I found on the Blog….

Today is Constitution Day. There is no better day to examine how the meaning of the Constitution was perverted to undermine voting rights than to use this lesson plan that provides the Alabama Literacy Test which African Americans were required to pass prior to the enactment of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Read about the various voting regulations that kept African Americans from exercising their right to vote until 1965. Portions of the Voting Act are included in the lesson as well as President Lyndon Johnson’s speech on March 15, 1965, where he tells Congress that he is sending a law to Congress that will remove all illegal barriers to the right to vote.  The lesson plan includes necessary documents, background information, and a procedure to implement the lesson.

The Digital Backpack: Nine Must-Have Free iPad Apps

In Tablet, Technology on September 14, 2012 at 3:34 pm

This is a interesting article I found which benefit the Elementary campus who use iPAD.

Your district has made the iPad plunge: Either every student will receive a shiny new iPad or every class will have an iPad cart to use for all classes. Here are the must-have apps foralliPads—and the best part is they are all FREE!








Example Sentences

All Grades

Word of the Day

Calculator Free


Three calculating modes- Standard, String and RPN

All Grades

Retina Ready

Biorhythm calculator

Tip Calculator

Great colors- to help differentiate



3 in 1- notepad, bookpad and photopad

All Grades

Monthly and weekly calendar- use as a memo pad

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard


Recordable whiteboard

All Grades

Enables differentiating instruction

Study Blue


Make your own Flashcards

All Grades

Use photos, audio or text for your vocabulary word



Drawing App

All Grades

Comes with paintbrush, chalk, glitter, and more

Inspiration Maps Lite


Graphic Organizers

All Grades

Free version comes with 5 graphic organizers

CNN for iPad



Grades 4 and up

Needs Wi-Fi





Storytelling and understanding of the Story Arc

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40 Sites for Educational Games

In Technology, Website on September 14, 2012 at 2:55 pm

With the start of school right around the corner, I decided to revisit a post I’ve seen on sites for educational games.  This list, presented in alphabetical order, has a nice mix of subjects and grade levels that teachers can use with their students.

Here is the 40 Sites that I think is benefit the teachers. Click on the underline to access to the website.

  1. ABCya – A great site for games and mobile apps for elementary students.
  2. Academic Skill Builders – A wonderful site with learning through the use of multi-player games.  Also, there is an educational portal which allows for student tracking.
  3. Arcoiris – A nice site for educational games in English and Spanish.
  4. Braineos – Games based on flash card in a wide variety of subjects.
  5. BrainNook – A fun site for students that focuses on English & Math.  Also, there is a teacher portal with lots of resources for educators.
  6. Bubbabrain – Lots of game for all grade levels that allows teachers to create games too.
  7. Cackleberries – A virtual world filled with educational games for kids 3-7 yrs old in a safe environment.
  8. Clever Island – Excellent games for kids 3-8 yrs old in a wide variety subjects such as: Math, Reading, Spelling, etc.
  9. Cookie – A great site for educational games and teacher resources.
  10. Creativity Games – Learn through the use of creativity brain training games.
  11. Creating Music – A fun site for learning music through the use of educational games and other online activities.
  12. DimensionU – An innovative site for learning math in a 3D virtual world.
  13. Fish Smarty – Excellent site for online learning through the use of educational games.  There is an educational portal for student tracking as well.
  14. Fuel the Brain – A wonderful site to learn elementary skills such as math, science and reading. Lots of educational resources too!
  15. Funbrain – One of the most popular sites for educational games for kids K-8 yrs old.
  16. Funschool – A wide variety of games, activities, and videos for kids.
  17. Game Classroom – Games for students K-6th grade in math and LA with lots of resources such as: worksheets, videos, and more.
  18. Gamequarium – A popular site with lots of games in a wide variety of subject areas.
  19. GameUp – A innovative site from the creators of BrainPop where the games are based on their interactive animated videos.
  20. Kidz Page – A fun site for educational games PreK-8th grade.
  21. Learning Games for Kids – A great site for educational games on lots of different subject areas.
  22. Lure of the Labyrinth – An innovative game for middle school pre-algebra students.
  23. Magnahigh – Math games for K-12 with educational portal.
  24. MinecraftEdu – A unique game based on the popular PC designed for schools.
  25. PhyFun – Physics-based games for all grade levels.
  26. Pipo Games – A nice site for educational games for ages 3-12 yrs.  A paid site unlocks all the features.
  27. Play Brighter – A fantastic site filled with educational games on a wide variety of subjects, built on its unique anime style interface.
  28. Play Kids Games – A fun site for educational games in subject areas such as math, vocabulary and geography.
  29. Power My Learning – A great all-in-one site for education filled with games, videos, resources and more.
  30. Sheppard Software – A nice site with lots of games on different subject areas.
  31. Skoolbo – Wonderful educational games for core skills in the primary grade levels.
  32. Spelling Connections – A cool site for spelling and vocabulary games with educational portal.
  33. Teaching with Portals – A very innovative game based on the popular console/PC game Portal, with lots of lesson plans to be found.
  34. Tucoola – A great site for skill-building games for the younger kids with student tracking.
  35. Tutpup – A cool site for math and spelling where kids compete against each other.
  36. Vedoque – A nice site for educational games PreK – 8th grade.
  37. What2Learn – A excellent site for educational games where teachers can create games and track students with a paid account.
  38. Yogome – A great site/company with lots of innovative games and mobile apps on recycling and more.
  39. Zondle – Interesting games that support learning and can be embedded into a site.
  40. ZooWhiz – A fun site for kids 5 – 15 yrs to develop Math and Reading skills by creating their own virtual zoo.

Lastly, here is the link to which I found for teacher who use Pinterest site relating to educational online games.

I hope everyone at the K-12 district to have a restful and enjoyable weekend,

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Site of the Day: PBS Teachers, Health and Fitness

In Technology, Website on September 13, 2012 at 4:29 pm
PBS Teachers offers a site filled with lesson plans, videos, and online and offline activities in health and fitness. The health and fitness lessons are divided by grade level. You can search by topic, media type, and PBS program to find what suits your curriculum. Find lessons on movement and motor skills for K-2 students, or see what lessons you can use for conflict resolution for high school students. Explore the PDF resources PBS has for disease and prevention or health and fitness. You can also find activity packs that deal with community health and healthy choices.
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Would you consider buying an iPhone 5? Please try the Poll.

In Poll on September 11, 2012 at 8:22 am

Tech&Learning University for Texas Educators

In Technology, Training for Staff on September 11, 2012 at 8:05 am

Tech & Learning is pleased to announce its newest endeavor Tech & Learning University. In partnership with Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS), a leading provider of online PD to the K-12 education community, we have created a place where educators can build skills and obtain credentials towards career advancement.

Courses are delivered in a convenient, on-demand learning platform, powered by KDS, and focus on topical subjects, including: 21st Century Skills, Education Technology, Effective Instruction and Leading Effective Schools. Whether you are looking to develop a new skill or a district wanting to help your staff to fill gaps in their practice, T&L U offers courses for every stage of an educator’s career. 
Courses include:
• 21st Century Skills  • Teaching, Learning, and Leading in the Digital Age 
• Authentic Innovation in the 21st Century  • Technology Applications for Teaching & Supporting the Struggling Reader 
• Cyber Savvy: Promoting Students’ Safe and Civil Internet Practice  • Understanding the Digital Generation: Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape 
• Cyberbullying: Addressing Digital Aggression, Exploitation, and Abuse  • Using Digital Media to Enhance Learning 
• Data, Data Everywhere  • Using Web 2.0 in Teaching and Instruction  
• Data-Driven Decision Making: Implementing Strategies for Student Achievement

Check the URL to view the course library to earn CPE clock hours or semester hours towards your State License Renewal, Salary Advancement or Continuing Educatoin needs.

Using Twitter to share update with students and parents

In Social Media on September 7, 2012 at 9:19 am

How Twitter can be a powerful educational tool.

Think Twitter is just a waste of time? Think again. Its organizational structure makes it an effective tool for connecting with students and others online.

You can set up a Twitter account and name it @MRKHALAFCLASS and share it with your student’s parent as a way to keep them update with your class. At the end of the year, you can remind them that they can remove the “follow” @MRKHALAFCLASS as their student will go to the different class.

I believe the educators should be a powerful role models and provide an examples of how to use the most powerful social media tools to expand the boundaries of learning.

Check out the URL website: